Monday, January 7, 2008

Dr. James E. Neal


Born: Belmont, NC
Education: North Carolina Central University, Durham, NC and Meharry Medical College, Kansas City, MO.
Degree: BS, Chemistry and Biology, and MD in Medicine

Mr. James Neal began painting when he was 5-years old with watercolors. When he served his country as a Major in the Army Medical Corps at Fort Knox Kentucky, this was one of the most prolific periods in developing his painting technique. He was honored by his peers with a “one artist” exhibit where the entire facility was devoted to his work. He is a painter that uses oil on canvas the method of the old masters, portraits and people that tell a story.

He resides in Gastonia, NC with his wife, Annie and daughter Kendra. His son Jared lives in North Hollywood, California.



Kelly said...

Hi Dr. Neal,
This painting is very cute. I'm wondering if you could do a family portrait of myself and 3 children to hang over my foyer. I am also looking for someone to teach them how to paint. My daughter is 5. I know she would love to learn. She is my little social butterfly and dramamama. I know she would blossom in any arts area I put her in. Please advise me of anyone. Thankyou. ~Kelly Anderson-----

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